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4.5 % Alc.


La Blanche de Bruxelles is a Witbier type beer, the so-called white beers because of the color it presents in the glass, although it is actually more of a pale yellow. What is very white, as well as abundant and dense, is the foam it generates when served, practically three fingers that last a long time in the glass. It is mainly a wheat beer, as this ingredient represents 40% of its composition, but it differs from the more traditional wheat beers because it is unmalted and because of the addition of other ingredients, among them coriander and orange peel, which leave a very special aroma and flavor.

4.5 % Alc.


It is a light-bodied and very refreshing wheat beer thanks mainly to the citrus touches. With a cloudy golden color and a fine white foam, we will notice in the mouth the citric touches of orange and lemon peel and also hints of apple and flowers.

4.5 % Alc.


Hoegaarden is one of the best known Belgian white beers outside the Kingdom of Belgium. It is made with coriander and lemon peel to give it more taste and freshness. Hoegaarden presents a beer with an enigmatic blond color. This is because this beer is not filtered before bottling, so it contains suspended yeasts.

It is crowned by a pleasant white, creamy and long-lasting foam, crossed by a fine effervescence. It gives off a pleasant fruity and spicy aroma, evoking citrus, coriander and hops. On the palate, flavors very similar to the perceived aromas predominate, with a fruity taste and a soft presence of coriander. On the finish, a pleasant bitterness develops, affirming a consensual characteristic of this white beer.


4.7 % Alc.


Vedett Extra White from Moortgat Brewery. Vedett Extra White beer is distinguished by both its appearance and its refreshing taste, with a hint of orange and lemon. Slightly bitter and acidic, it conquers any palate. It is tasted at a temperature of 3 ┬░C.

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