- fruit beers

4.5 % Alc.


Blanche de Bruxelles ros├ęe has a grapefruit pink color and an intense nose marked by notes of red fruits and white fruits, accompanied by fresh notes of grapefruit and green apple. The palate is light and airy. The Blanche de Bruxelles Ros├ęe surprises with its slightly acidic and delicately sweet side.

8.5 % Alc.



Dark ruby red beer with a white but persistent foam.
Aroma of red fruits such as cherry or raspberry that stands out the most.
Sweet malty flavor, fruity with a touch of honey and also sweet hops, alcoholic note.
Complex and very good beer.

8.0 % Alc.


Delirium Red (Red) is a top-fermented, top-fermented, very dark red beer, with a slightly pinkish, compact head and 8% alcohol. Delirium Red beer is brewed by Huyghe Brewery.

3.0 % Alc.


Aroma of raspberry wrapped by soft notes of cereal. In the mouth we find an interesting contrast between the sweetness and acidity of the raspberry and the bitter touch of the hops. The raspberry flavor predominates, which fits into the white beer framework characterized by wheat notes lightly spiced by coriander and orange.

8.0 % Alc.



Kasteel Rouge beer is a mixture of Kasteel Donker beer and cherry liqueur, which is used in confectionery. The blend of these two excellent products results in an exceptional beer. A predominantly sweet beer reminiscent of the original stout.


8.0 % Alc.


Cherry Chouffe is a Belgian fruit beer brewed with a Mc Chouffe base and enriched with cherries. The result is a delicious medium-bodied, delicate and fruity special beer, with strawberry and almond flavors and a slight herbal touch. It is one of Brasserie D’Achouffe’s most recent beers. This Belgian Fruit Beer has received a bronze medal at the World Beer Awards 2019 and a gold medal at the World Beer Awards 2020.

The aroma of Cherry CHOUFFE honors cherries. It also reveals notes of strawberry, almond, spice and sweet port. Round-bodied, smooth and delicate, Cherry CHOUFFE delights gourmets. It has a satisfying finish, with a slight bitterness.

5.0 % Alc.


Leffe Ruby is a Lambic type beer, with a reddish copper color and a fruity, raspberry, cherry flavor. It is the first abbey beer designed for the wedding night with those red fruits in the maceration.
Fruity, spicy, smooth and refreshing flavor. Tasty with appetizers. Perfect with cheese. A more adventurous variation on the concept of Abadia beers.


3.8 % Alc.


Fruity beer, with intense strawberry aromas, with ice and you will have an excellent aperitif, the base of this beer is a blend of Liefmans Oud Bruin (a beer matured with cherries in oak barrels) and lager. Fresh strawberry, raspberry and other fruit juices are then added.

3.5 % Alc.


Lambic type beer brewed with currant. In a blind tasting, doubts may even arise as to whether we are dealing with a beer or a sparkling wine. It is a fruity beer, brewed from a lambic base, which thanks to its purple tones and aromas could be reminiscent of wine. The currant aroma prevails over the others. With a very intense and bright flavor, sweet palate, with a bitter finish.

2.5 % Alc.


Lindemans Framboise is an authentic Belgian lambic beer brewed with at least 30% raspberry juice macerated young lambic beer of at least one year of age.

The result is a spectacular lambic of pink color, sweet aroma and flavor with a fruity acidity and light raspberry notes. Lambic beers are produced in the Pajottenland region, in the southwest of Belgium, as this is where the wild yeasts with which they undergo spontaneous fermentation are found.

3.5 % Alc.


The dominant aroma should be strawberry. A low to moderate acid character is mixed with other aromas described as barnyard, earthy, goat, hay, horse, and horse saddle. The fruit aroma is commonly mixed with the other aromas. An enteric, smoky, cigarette or cheese aroma is unfavorable. No hop aroma.

3.5 % Alc.


This Lindemans Kriek is a fruity beer that, in its production, will receive an addition of fruit before being aged in oak barrels. This allows the fruit to rest in the beverage, which causes a new fermentation of the beer during this maturation period. This produces a light red beer with a huge head of pink foam.

The whole is crossed by a considerable effervescence. The aroma it releases is very soft and totally dominated by cherry scents. In the mouth, the flavor is also dominated by cherries, but on a background of wood and acidic touches. This beer is very appreciated by women for its lightness and its very fruity aroma.

3.5 % Alc.


Lambic type beer, brewed with a blend of several selected varieties of apples. Honey and gold color. With a balanced taste of red apples, the freshness of green apples and the bittersweet character of lambic beers. The first taste is strong and full-bodied, but the sweet cider notes give way to a light, balanced bittersweet flavor. Its tasting, which is quite exceptional, combines the sweetness of cider with the characteristic acidity of lambic.

2.5 % Alc.


Geuze beer made from peach juice macerated in Lambic, a spontaneously fermented beer with 2.5% alcohol. A geuze is a blend of 2/3 young lambic and 1/3 aged lambic.

Lindemans Peche has a golden color with medium persistence foamand a clear aroma of fresh peach on the nose with a balance between the refreshing sweetness of the fruit and the acidity of the Lambic.

In the mouth an explosion of velvety peach flavors that ends with a pleasant and persistent acidity. Due to its delicate flavor, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day or time of the year.

4.5 % Alc.


Lambic type beer, really exotic and different. Made with fair trade bananas. Highly flavored and fruity, with banana juice, originating in Kenya and Tanzania. The label mentions “fairtrade” and “max havelaar” refer to this fair trade status. Made with 20% banana juice.

This beer, and its exotic sisters, all of which have low alcohol content, deserve to be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a dessert after a light dinner or lunch to appreciate all their nuances.

3.6 % Alc.


Lambic type beer, exotic, brewed from MONGOZO QUINOA, with coconut juice and quinoa (round seed, about the size of sesame, usually white, but also available in colors such as red, yellow or green naturally) that contains a large amount of fiber, iron and vitamin B2. Golden in color, with an unmistakable coconut aroma and a fresh coconut flavor, it goes perfectly with exotic dishes.

Golden color, somewhat cloudy, with white, compact and good retention foam. Fruity aromas and notes of vanilla and banana along with the predominant coconut. Unmistakable coconut flavor. It is a fresh beer that is neither filtered nor pasteurized.

3.6 % Alc.


Mongozo Mango is a fruit beer with an exotic hint of mango, brewed by the Dutch brewery Mongozo. This beer is characterized for being a Belgian-style white beer or witbier, brewed with fresh organic mango and coconut water. It was launched in 2009 as one of the first organic and gluten-free fruit beers.

8.7 % Alc.


La Queue de Charrue Rouge is a fruity beer brewed by the Vanuxeem brewery, flavored with 14% cherry juice.

Served in a glass, it displays a red color with a subtle pinkish foam that gives off aromas of cherry, caramel and sugar. On the palate, red fruit, caramel, almond, cherry and oak flavors are perceived. Its medium body, moderate carbonation and oily texture culminate in a smooth, fruity finish.


3.5 % Alc.


On Saturday, August 13, 2022, award-winning Belgian brewery, Haacht, launched its new Super 8 Cherry beer. .

At 3.5%, Super 8 Cherry is an easy-drinking wheat beer with 25% fruit juice added. While offering the taste of summer with its fresh and fruity flavors, Super 8 Cherry can be enjoyed year-round. Its subtle, sweet aftertaste is sure to leave beer enthusiasts craving another sip!

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