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7.0 % Alc.


Augustijn has been produced by Augustinian monks in their monastery in Ghent since 1295. In the Middle Ages, many monks and friars brewed and marketed their own beer. The water was often contaminated, so it was safer to drink beer because it was boiled during the brewing process. The refermentation in both bottle and barrel ensures a long shelf life with evolution of taste.

5.0 % Alc.


Bright as the sun, soft and refreshing as a summer breeze. This craft beer with Mediterranean flavor and a touch of rosemary is unfiltered. Bella Ciao is born from the elaboration of the Italian-Belgian culture and know-how.

From memory to memory, from mouth to mouth, Bella Ciao is a popular song. It is a story of another century, especially of an Italy that was invaded and weakened, but whose brave people were looking for better days… In Italy, or anywhere else. This song, which throughout history has symbolized the Resistance, is now on everyone’s lips…

6.0 % Alc.


Brugse Zot Blond is a golden lager with a rich head of foam and a spicy, fruity aroma. This beer is brewed with four types of malts and two varieties of aromatic hops that confer a unique flavor to the beer.

7.5 % Alc.


This is a strong, blonde, Tripel-style abbey beer brewed on the premises of Brasserie Du Boca in Belgium. It is a blonde, slightly cloudy, with white, abundant and consistent foam. The aroma is sweet and fruity, and the malty, bready, and very fresh flavors. Alcohol and Belgian yeasts make only a small presence.

7.0 % Alc.


Cuv├ęe des Trolls is a Belgian beer that has been produced since 2000 by the Dubuisson brewery, a brand that also produces the characteristic Bush beers. It is flavored with dried orange peel. The skin is added to the wort at the time of boiling. As a result, this beer gives off notes of freshness and particularly pleasant and fruity aromas. Its bitterness, acidity and sweetness are perfectly balanced, making this a tasty beer with no unpleasant harshness.

7.5 % Alc.


Deugniet is a blonde, top-fermented, Triple Abbey Ale. With secondary fermentation in bottle. Brewed with natural ingredients and matured in the cellars of the brewery, it has aromas of apple and hops; it has a smooth taste but with character.


6.6 % Alc.


The warm, sunny yellow design of the bottles already suggests this: this Duvel is smooth, expressive and very easy to drink. For the 6.66% Duvel, no less than 6 different hop varieties are used. As with the classic Duvel, the noble and exclusive Saaz and Styrian Golding hop varieties form the base and are balanced with four expertly selected hop varieties, in particular through the application of the dry-hopping technique.

6.7 % Alc.


Grimbergen Blonde, also known as the Phoenix Bird beer, is a Pale Ale-style abbey lager brewed with Gâtinais barley and selected hops, which give it a smooth flavor. The result is a beer with a great balance between sweet and bitter and a sweet aroma with fruity, herbal and spicy notes. Grimbergen Blonde can boast of being a unique, complex Belgian beer with great character.

4.5 % Alc.


Kasteel Xtra is a Belgian top-fermented beer with secondary fermentation in bottle, brewed by dry-hopping with highly aromatic hops and a combination of selected malts. The result is a Belgian Ale with a unique flavor, light and refreshing, very aromatic and bitter. Kasteel Xtra was launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kasteel Vanhonsebrouck. The three stars on the label represent the three decades of activity of this Belgian brewery.


5.6 % Alc.


To celebrate 40 years of CHOUFFE, the community of elves wanted to surprise those who appreciate the beers of the Brasserie d’Achouffe. Discover CHOUFFE 40, a special sweet and spicy beer. It is a refreshing blonde, lighter than its older sisters, which seduces with its citrus and sage notes.

0.4 % Alc.


With non-alcoholic Chouffe, everyone can enjoy a pleasant and carefree moment, whatever the occasion. Unlike other beers, alcohol-free Chouffe is brewed with a special type of yeast that does not convert sugars into alcohol during fermentation, so the alcohol content remains below 0.4%.

5.9 % Alc.


La corne blonde ” The Horn of the Forest of the Hanged ” is a beer brewed with Pilsen and wheat malt which gives it a sunny color, a rich, creamy and long-lasting foam. The 2 varieties of hops used give it a delicious bitterness. It has citrus and rose aromas, is slightly sweet and very refreshing.

0.0 % Alc.


Leffe Blonde 0.0% gives an extra touch of flavor to simple dishes and lightly accompanies your fried foods. A floral and spicy aroma with notes of vanilla and clove. The strong malty aroma of Leffe Blonde reveals a sweet bitterness in perfect harmony with notes of vanilla and clove. Perfect for enhancing the flavor of abbey cheese, St. John’s scallops, and other cheeses. Jacques and cr├Ęme br├╗l├ęe.

6.6 % Alc.


Belgian beer inspired by the Belgian Blonde Ale style, with a light and smooth taste, body and aromas in perfect harmony. It is an authentic abbey lager with a slight bitter touch. Delicate but distinctive, Leffe Blonde is the flavor beer par excellence: it gives an extra touch of flavor to simple dishes and lightly accompanies your fried foods. Leffe Blonde is fermented at high temperatures and using more malt and hops to obtain a denser beer with a creamy head. Brewed with spring water, assorted barley and corn malts, aromatic malts and ale-type yeast, resulting in a deep golden colored beer with dense bubbling and short-lasting foam.

6.0 % Alc.


Light golden in color with a thick white head. The bouquet is honeyed, slightly smoky on the nose with a subtle caramel note. The beer has a touch of bitterness and a distinct mild hops. This ends with a perfectly balanced aftertaste.

7.0 % Alc.


MUSIC BEER Blues” is a top fermented beer with a strength of 7%, with a dark blond color resulting from the use of 5 varieties of cereals that also provide a subtle balance between aroma and bitterness. Thus, it is an aromatic profile with light citrus notes that will impose itself at first on your palate to then let then place a slight point of bitterness. The perfect beer to enjoy with music.


6.6 % Alc.


Queue de Charrue Blonde is a Belgian top-fermented beer. In the glass, it has a clear, crystalline blond color, somewhat clouded by the presence of yeast in the bottle. It is crowned by an abundant layer of foam, not very persistent. In the mouth, it has a delicate and less bitter taste than the Triple. It incorporates a light fruity aroma and a smooth and generous taste.

“Queue de Charrue” is the French translation of the name of Ploegsteert, the Flemish village where the Vanuxeem Brewery is located, near the French-Belgian border.

6.5 % Alc.


Brewed since 1844 at the Dupont Brewery Farm, Saison Dupont is a Belgian reference beer in the field of “Belgian Saison”. This beer is brewed with hops harvested in late summer. It ripens during the winter and can be consumed during the first days of spring. In the glass, the Saison Dupont has a slightly cloudy yellow to orange color, crowned by a persistent foam that leaves a trail on the walls of the glass. It gives off an intense yeast aroma that does not manage to conceal some slightly malty touches. Fruity and sweet flavor.

6.5 % Alc.


Saison Dupont Dry Hopping was first produced in 2010. The dry hopping technique was used to enhance the hop aroma. As the beer matures, “Styrian Wolf” aromatic hops are infused to enhance its sunny and refreshing character.

The dry hopping process allows the beer to develop hints of citrus (grapefruit), as well as flowers and exotic fruits (mango and lychee). On the palate, spicy aromas (clove) rub shoulders with the malt in a context of intense and lasting bitterness.

6.4 % Alc.


Slaapmutske Blond is a top fermented lager with bottle refermentation. The mild flavor is obtained through the use of pilsen malt and wheat malt. Pouring the beer releases a fine aroma of aromatic hops. This fresh, citrusy aroma arises from the use of a very aromatic hop variety from America.

Slaapmutske Blond has a pleasant taste and a well-balanced mouthfeel. The finish is very smooth and pleasantly bitter.

4.8 % Alc.


Extra 4 is the latest offspring of the remarkable St. Louis family. Bernardus. A refreshing lager brewed in the classic single style. Each year, our Extra 4 can be enjoyed in spring and summer. Extra 4 shimmers with the golden hue of pale straw, topped with a snow-white collar. As this beer ferments back into the bottle, it produces a lovely effervescence in the glass.

6.4 % Alc.


SUPER 8 Flandrien is a lager full of character. The new leader of the SUPER 8 range is a blonde beer with an alcohol content of 6.4%, easy to drink and for the go-getters among us.
A spicy team

A leader without a strong team behind him would not win any awards. That’s why we’ve surrounded it with spicy team members like oak, vanilla, coriander and hops like Saaz hops, Belgian hops and herbal and floral hops. Strong seasonings that will delight true beer lovers


6.0 % Alc.


Tongerlo Blonde, now renamed Tongerlo Lux, is a Belgian blonde beer brewed by Haacht and already five years ago named the best beer in the world at the World Beer Awards 2014. Beers Around 1130, the Premonstratensian Order erected the Abbey of Tongerlo near Antwerp (Belgium).

Tongerlo Blond is a copper-colored beer with a honey aroma and a full, smooth, slightly dry aftertaste. Refermented in bottle with a meticulous process that makes its flavor and aroma more intense, floral and fruity with a touch of spices. It pairs perfectly with semi-cured cheeses and Emmental.

6.0 % Alc.


Val-Dieu Blonde is a light and fresh beer with a hazy yellow color and a beautiful white foam. The nose exudes aromas of yeast, caramel, malt and spice for flavors of malt, caramel, spice, fruit and yeast.

Very refreshing and digestive beer that is sweet to start with but progressively becomes slightly bitter. Very aromatic

6.1 % Alc.


Viven Blond
is a top-fermented blonde ale brewed using traditional methods. Golden beer with foam and white head of medium carbonation. With aromas of coriander, yeast and hops, its flavor is bitter and floral with a slight hint of sweet yeast, honey and citrus.

6.0 % Alc.


Witkap-Pater Stimulo (Alc. 6%) is a refreshing golden-colored top-fermented beer with bottle or keg refermentation, a lively beer with taste evolution. Poured according to the rules of the game, a rich, white and stable head with a very creamy structure is obtained.

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