- AMBER beers -

12.0 % Alc.


Bush Ambr├ęe, as its name suggests, is a deep amber-colored beer that is absolutely translucent. It gives off powerful aromas of ripe fruits (banana) with a taste of cuberdon (a typical Belgian candy) and a very marked caramel flavor, also perceptible in the mouth. Ale style beer with a dark golden color and an alcohol content of 12┬║. Box of 24 units of 33cl.

5.2 % Alc.


It is undoubtedly a symbol of Belgian beer, and is intimately associated with the city where it was born, Antwerp, in 1930. Its inhabitants are deeply proud of this beer that has been the queen of the city’s bars and breweries up to the present time, a beer that surprises at the same time for its balance and complexity, which is very easy to drink. A must try as a reference of the Sp├ęciale Belge style.

10.5 % Alc.


GULDEN DRAAK is the name of the golden statue that adorns the arrow of the tower of Ghent, and is the symbol of freedom and power of the city. The white bottle, which prevents the passage of light, guarantees maturation in the cellar for years. Dark, triple, top fermented beer with secondary fermentation in bottle. Wine yeast is used for its fermentation, which gives it an unparalleled flavor. With creamy foam. Aroma of alcohol, burnt malt and coffee. Balanced flavor, where the sweetness of the wort blends with the bitterness of the hops. Malt predominates with hints of nuts. With a complex flavor of caramel, roasted malt and coffee notes. Bittersweet aftertaste and very long.

11.0 % Alc.


Gulden Draak Brewmaster is an ode from the sixth generation brewmaster to the previous generations of brewers in the Van Steenberge brewery, to the craftsmanship of our traditional brewing art and in particular to the fifth generation of brewers: Jozef Van Steenberge, who immersed himself in the year 1975 in specialty beers, combined with the experiments of the new ‘craft beer world’.

10.5 % Alc.


The unrivaled Gulden Draak Classic as a 10.5% alcohol dark triple received a strong addition after 25 years of growing success, the Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple. The particularly rich and complex flavor palette and full head are also found in the Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple. However, the sweet caramel notes are reserved for Gulden Draak Classic. The new recipe based on 4 times more malt gives Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple a deep golden amber color and a slightly fruity aroma. Along with the mild, slightly sweet flavor, this provides a wonderfully rounded bouquet with dried fruit notes.

8.4 % Alc.


Kwak is a traditional strong Belgian amber ale, a perfect blend of malt and hops with a great complexity of flavor.
Appearance: Kwak beer is recognizable by its deep amber color, a clear beer with a dense cream-colored foam. The white wooden stand provides a nice contrast to the beer.
Aroma: a balance of dark caramel, dried orange, a hint of banana and baking spices with an earthy touch.
Flavor: Medium-bodied with a smooth and mellow warmth. Flavors include mild allspice, baked caramel and banana with notes of orange marmalade. Spice and a warm character linger on the finish with a delicate bitterness.

6.6 % Alc.


De Brabandere is a brand of Belgian beers creator of the Belgian Blond Kwaremont beer, this beer is a tribute to one of the sections of the classic cycling routes of Flanders called Oude Kwaremont.

De Brabandere Brewery is a family company in charge of brewing beers through traditional craftsmanship where 100% authentic ingredients are used, a team with more than 80 workers dedicated to produce a wide range of beers that are characterized by offering a product full of several very important values for the company.

Kwaremont is a clean and bright golden ale with a persistent layer of white foam, the nose smells of malt and caramel and fruity yeast, the palate has a perfect combination of sweetness and fruity and spicy bitterness very well balanced, somewhat strong but appetizing.

9.0 % Alc.


Leffe Rituel 9┬░ is a blonde beer with character, brewed by Leffe Abbey since 2007.

This Leffe Rituel 9┬░ has a nice deep golden yellow color in the Leffe Cup, crowned by a relatively abundant and light white foam.

The aromas are sweet and fruity with peach and citrus scents intermingled with hints of yeast and hops.

Aromas of corn or straw highlight the presence of cereals on the nose. The flavors that we discover in the mouth are sweet and fruity and the alcohol shows its presence discreetly in the mouth entry.

5.2 % Alc.


Palm is a top-fermented, amber-colored Belgian beer brewed with high-quality ingredients. These include special malts that give the beer its characteristic honey and caramel flavor, added through a specific malting process.

Amber color with golden highlights and persistent foam. Sweet and fruity aroma with notes of hops and yeast. Malty and caramel flavor with a fruity touch of banana. Alcohol content: 5.2 degrees alcohol.

10.5 % Alc.


Piraat is a Belgian Strong Ale style beer with a bitter aroma and sweet flavor with notes of malt and bitter hops. Its second fermentation in bottle gives it complexity and great character.

Strong blonde beer of slightly cloudy amber color, with a fairly persistent white foam. Aromas of malt, spices and herbs. Smooth and balanced flavor, bitter from the hops and sweet from the malt, with fruity touches and an alcoholic presence that diminishes as it is drunk. Long and bitter hop finish. It combines wonderfully with mature cheeses, oily fish and stewed meats. Alcohol content: 10.5 degrees alcohol.

5.5 % Alc.


Queue de Charrue Ambr├ęe is a Belgian-style Amber that is very correct in all aspects. Its amber-colored appearance with good, long-lasting white foam is more than attractive. The aromas are smooth and malty, caramel with light hints of fruit. It follows the same line in the mouth, soft malt and fruit, with medium body and carbonation and moderate bitterness on the finish.

8.0 % Alc.


Satan Red is a Belgian beer with roasted malt and high fermentation. Its deep amber color and reddish foam give honor to its name. This strong, charcoal-fired ale has a sweet pear, grape and apple malt aroma of pleasure with every sip.

6.0 % Alc.


Belgian Amber Ale style beer, brewed by high fermentation and secondary fermentation in bottle. The extra maturation makes it a beer with higher CO2 content. The result is an amber-colored beer with lots of foam and notes of malt and hops.

Amber color with garnet reflections and dense and abundant foam. Aroma with citrus and herbal notes. Malty and cereal flavor and slightly bitter finish. Alcohol content: 6% alcohol.

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