8.0 % Alc.


From Belgium, one of the seven abbey beers with Trappist denomination in the world, in this case, the Blond Ale variety produced in an artisanal way in the abbey of Sint Benedictus De Achelse Kluis. The Abbey is located in the Flemish lands, Belgium. Golden color with moderate turbidity and a creamy crown of off-white foam that lasts until the last sip.

8.0 % Alc.


Bock beer brewed at the Lefevre brewery under the Barbar beer brand. This Belgian beer is brewed with a high percentage of wheat, which gives it a body and personality of its own. Brown in color and crowned by a layer of creamy and abundant foam that gives way to aromas of ripe banana roasted malts and spices such as cloves.

12.0 % Alc.


It is a beer with more malt density than is usually used in the normal brewing process. It contains a special yeast and is fermented for a period of 15 days.
Very pleasant to drink as it does not have a penetrating but very warm taste.

9.0 % Alc.


Brigand is a strong pale ale-style lager with top fermentation and secondary fermentation in the bottle. Its golden color is due to the use of pale malts and pilsen malt, as well as the malting process. Full, slightly malty flavor with hints of spice and hops. Sweet at first. Hop bitterness and dry finish. Quite sweet at the beginning, toasted malt and a touch of honey.

8.0 % Alc.


Buffalo belgian bitter is pale yellow in color and has a fairly stable white foam.
First comes the smell of air in the bottle to the top, followed by a hoppy aroma. The flavor is full with a long hoppy bitter finish.

10.5 % Alc.


In 1998, on the occasion of Bush Ambr├ęe’s 65th anniversary, they introduced a new Bush to satisfy lager lovers. A beer of high fermentation, filtered, cloudy appearance, golden color and bright tones. Fruity aromas, dominated by banana and pineapple, complemented by floral and citrus touches. On the palate it is light and balanced, very easy to drink, with a flavor in which hints of citrus fruits and yeast can be perceived. Bitter and light finish.

8.5 % Alc.


Charles Quint Blond, also known as Keizer Karel Goud Blond, is a strong blonde beer, of Belgian origin and ALE type. It is an aromatic beer with notes of spices, caramel, quite malty and fresh hops, with a sweet taste and a dry and bitter finish. Its dense layer of foam crowns this imperial delight. It has an almost transparent amber color.

8.5 % Alc.


Belgian blonde beer to which toasted oak shavings are added during the brewing process. These give it its characteristic flavor and aroma with hints of vanilla. The second fermentation in bottle takes place over a period of two weeks. Cornet Oaked has received numerous awards. These include a gold medal in the Europe’s Best Wood Aged category at the 2014 World Beer Awards, and gold and silver medals at the 2015 and 2016 World Beer Awards, respectively, in the Belgium’s Best Wood Aged category.

8.5 % Alc.


Cornet Oaked Smoked is a Belgian lager with a light smoky touch and a unique character. It is made with smoked oak chips and peat malt. This production method is inspired by the early days of brewing, when malt was naturally fire-dried and this gave it a smoky flavor. Cornet Smoked has all the flavor of Cornet Oaked beer with an extra smoky touch that adds complexity and smoothness to the whole.

8.5 % Alc.


Special beer produced once a year to commemorate International Women’s Day. A pleasant carbonated touch allows a full and smooth taste to be perceived. It has a very balanced aroma, with a fruity and floral background, and a first reminder of Chardonnay that gives way to a spicy and soft aroma of hops. Its flavor is full-bodied and finds a balance between fruity tones of apple and Chardonnay grape. Deliria has a soft and delicate bitter aftertaste and a round and splendid flavor that evolves well in the mouth.


8.5 % Alc.


This potent Belgian beer is presented in an easily identifiable ceramic bottle. When served in a glass, it has a golden blond color, slightly cloudy, crowned by a white foam. The body gives off fruity and spicy aromas that are enhanced by a hint of alcohol. Aromas of clove, pepper and coriander anticipate an alcoholic scent that warms the nose before it is subdued by fruity aromas of apple and citrus.

The attack on the palate is spicy with flavors that seem to evoke wheat beers, before the herbaceous taste of hops and the fruity malt assert their presence. The alcohol is perceived throughout the tasting but reaffirms its presence on the finish with a slight vinous acidity. An interesting bitterness accompanies this dry finish. It is ideal to taste this beer with its characteristic Delirium glass.

10.0 % Alc.


De Dolle Dulle Teve 10┬║ is a Belgian Triple Abbey beer, brewed with pale malt and cand├ę sugar, to which late hops are added, it is not filtered or pasteurized. It has a cloudy dark golden color (it has a lot of sediment) with a whitish, abundant and persistent foam. Its aroma is strong, fruity and somewhat alcoholic, with a bittersweet taste and a bitter aftertaste.

8.5 % Alc.


Duvel, the flagship of the Belgian brewery Duvel-Moortgat, is a strong blonde beer of extraordinary quality brewed with 100% natural ingredients. On the palate it is slightly bitter with a citrus flavor and notes of grapefruit.

The brewing process of this Belgian Strong Ale takes 90 days and gives it a unique character, great purity and a pleasant sweet taste with high alcohol content. Its characteristic bitterness is obtained from the use of Saaz-Saaz and Styrian Golding hops from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Duvel is a natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined flavor and a distinctive hoppy character. The unique brewing process, which takes about 90 days, guarantees purity of character, delicate effervescence and a pleasant sweet alcoholic taste.

9.5 % Alc.


For Duvel Tripel Hop Cashmere, dry hopping and the addition of Cashmere produce a blend of tropical flavors that will delight lovers of specialty beers, especially Belgian IPAs. Thanks to the addition of this hop variety to the classic Duvel recipe, the taste palette is enriched with intense tropical and floral notes of citrus, peach, melon and coconut. The ideal Belgian special beer to enjoy under the spring sun.

9.5 % Alc.


Duvel traditionally brews beers with two varieties of hops. A third variety is selected for the Duvel Tripel Hop beer. Beer lovers continue to be positively surprised by the final flavor profile of this beer. This increase in aromatic intensity must also be supported by a more sustained smoothness, resulting in a final alcohol percentage of 9.5%.


8.5 % Alc.


In French, filou means “rascal, rascal, trickster”: on the label, above the name, we have a boy about to use his slingshot. It is a very new beer, just released last year by the Belgian brewery Van Honsebrouck, Filou is a fruity Belgian beer, perfect for those Strong Ale lovers.

9.0 % Alc.


Strong golden ale with a sweet malty aroma and a malty, hoppy flavor that is a bit sweet and has a good amount of alcohol. The aftertaste is also a bit sweet. Amber-colored abbey beer, bitter-sweet, full flavor and aftertaste. Second fermentation in bottle.
Perfect with fish such as salmon, sole or cod, but also with veal.

8.5 % Alc.


Hoegaarden Grand Cru beer is the pride of its brewery. Its production benefits from a special care, worthy of a beer.The most noble of all: ripe ferment and barley malt, the finest of hops and some mysterious spices, but above all, lots and lots of patience. Unfiltered beer, Hoegaarden Grand Cru is fermented again in bottle . It develops a darkened peach color, a velvety aroma and a sweet, subtly nuanced flavor. Store this beer in a dark place, preferably upright, and serve at 5/6┬░C.

8.3 % Alc.

HOPUS (20)

Brewed since 2009, it is the first beer created by the sixth generation of brewers at Lefebvre, a family brewery. Hopus is a powerful lager, originally from Belgium. It is a beer with an intensely hoppy character. The name HOPUS combines the word “hops” in English: Hop and “work” in Latin: Opus. … This is a beer brewed with unique, strong and authentic hops. This relatively young beer has immediately won over beer lovers in Belgium, who often compare it to Duvel. This implies recognition and an indisputable seal of quality.

8.4 % Alc.


Tripel Karmeliet is one of the great classics among Belgian beers. According to its producers, Brasserie Bosteels, the recipe used today has been the same since 1679, when Karmeliet was produced in the former Carmelite abbey of Dendermonde, in northern Belgium. A top-fermented beer, Karmeliet already had the particularity of being produced from three cereals: barley, wheat and oats.

At first sight, this Belgian beer presents a golden hue with abundant compact and creamy foam. The nose has a toasted caramel aroma, very sophisticated and complex, perceiving the vanilla and banana notes typical of the yeast used, mixed with the citrus aromas of Styrians hops. The mouth entry will surprise you with a smooth sweet taste with malt and wheat notes. Its dry yet creamy texture makes Tripel Karmeliet a deliciously balanced beer.

11.0 % Alc.


Kasteelbier or Kasteel Tripel is a strong Belgian blonde beer, triple abbey style and ALE type. Kasteel Tripel beer is yellow to amber in color, with a medium head. Its aroma is fruity, somewhat spicy with an acidic herbal touch and some vanilla. It is a blend of pale malt, hops, herbs and vanilla. On the palate, the presence of alcohol and flavors of acidic fruits such as orange, dried fruits and sweet touches are very noticeable.


8.0 % Alc.


LA CHOUFFE reveals citrus notes on the palate, followed by a refreshing touch, pleasantly spicy, which gives it a great lightness. This golden beer, with a light hoppy flavor, was the first to leave the cellars of the Brasserie d’Achouffe brewery 40 years ago. Since then, its unique, award-winning flavors have won over beer lovers around the world!

10.0 % Alc.


The Corne du Bois des Pendus triple is a strong tasting lager, as it is rated at 10%. It has a reddish blond color and bubbles, as well as a beautiful and very generous white foam.

On the nose, it offers aromas of hops, very present, and also honey and spices. In the mouth, its potency makes itself felt, but its many perfumes form a very easy-drinking beer. On the palate, you can perceive fruity notes (citrus, apple), spicy notes such as ginger, as well as malty and caramelized notes.a Belgian beer with character and very aromatic, brewed by the Ebly Brewery in Belgium.


8.5 % Alc.


It is a sweet beer with a mainly fruity and spicy flavor. The second fermentation in bottle gives it a pleasant yeast flavor, very fruity and clearly spicy. It is very balanced and leaves a slight touch of dryness on the finish. In addition, the hops used give it a pleasant bitterness. Like most of Brasserie Huyghe’s strong beers, Guillotine is easy and pleasant to drink.

8.5 % Alc.


The Triple from the world’s best-known Belgian “abbey” beer brand is not one of the most commonly seen. But being one of the monastic styles par excellence, its tasting and review in El Jard├şn is a must, as it is a Tripel, its color is pale, with orange-yellow hues. Accompanied of course by an abundant and fluffy head of white foam, with good persistence and good presence.

The aroma is pleasant, fruity (with fruit notes ranging from banana to grape and peach). The flavor on the other hand, sweet and slightly yeasty, is lighter in nuances… but intense and alcoholic.


8.8 % Alc.


Tripel LeFort is a golden lager distinguished by its crisp, fruity aroma and fully rounded flavor. The top-fermenting yeast used for Tripel LeFort results in a beer with vanilla-lavender aromas, as well as a fruity taste of bananas and red apples. Pleasant notes of citrus, lime and rose make this a balanced beer that is intriguingly complex at the same time. A full-bodied beer … the full flavor combined with the alcohol give it a warming sensation that slowly fades away.

8.0 % Alc.


Lucifer is a top fermented Belgian Strong Ale with secondary fermentation in bottle. Its aroma is fruity and its flavor is smooth and warm. Riva Brewey launched this Belgian beer in 1980 as an extension of its lager range.

Clean and transparent appearance, with golden tones and compact white foam. Complex and fruity aroma with hints of cereal, malt, hops and herbs. Smooth and sweet flavor with fruity, citric and bitter notes. Alcoholic and persistent finish.

10.0 % Alc.


Malheur 10 is a blonde beer in a strong Belgian Pale Ale style, brewed by the Malheur brewery in Belgium. In 2014, it received the distinction of best beer in the World’s Best Belgian Style Strong Pale category at the celebrated World Beer Awards competition.To the eye, it presents a slightly cloudy coppery blond color due to suspended particles, accompanied by a dense white foam. On the nose, fruity aromas of peach, as well as notes of yeast and hops.

On the palate, spice and citrus flavors are added. A very balanced beer in which the high alcohol content does not dominate the taste.

10.0 % Alc.


Abbey beer, 10% alcohol, top fermented and with secondary fermentation in bottle. Amber beer, light copper. Ample, malty and fruity aromas.

Maredsous 10 has a creamy, smooth and warm taste, with a balance of malt and bitterness, highlighting why Maredsous 10 is by far the top of its range and a beer to enjoy.

Its unique glass adds an extraordinary dimension to the pleasure of tasting this beer. Maredsous 10 goes well with baked suckling lamb, roast veal and blue and Manchego cheeses.

8.0 % Alc.


Omer Traditional Blond is a blonde beer with an alcohol content of 8%. It is brewed by the Bockor Brewery, a brewery located in Bellegem, Belgium, which has been in existence since 1892.

A top-fermented beer, Omer is brewed with barley malt from the Loire region and three varieties of aromatic hops. This beer is distinguished by a nice golden color and a creamy white foam.

This Belgian beer has fine and fruity aromas, accompanied by a subtle but very present bitterness. Its flavor is generous. It stands out for its lemon and saffron notes, leaving a soft aftertaste in the mouth, with a slight bitterness.

10.0 % Alc.


De Paix Dieu is the only abbey beer brewed at full moon by Brasserie Caulier. This beer is brewed only once a month (at full moon), entirely in the spirit of the abbey, whose life was regulated by the lunar calendar.

The ingredients of this traditional tripel are carefully selected from local producers and produce a beer with its own character.
The cloudy, golden Paix Dieu gives a beautiful creamy, generous and persistent head and reveals complex, fruity and spicy aromas of hops, malt, yeast and vanilla.
The palate has smooth, hoppy flavors, with notes of fruit, yeast, coriander and spices.

9.0 % Alc.


It is a beer that is fermented again in the bottle. It has a blond color and golden highlights with a beautiful white foam on top. Once served in the glass, it reveals aromas of caramelized malt, as well as aromatic notes. In the mouth, we are seduced by aromatic and fruity flavors, complemented by a pleasant bitterness.

8.0 % Alc.


Quintine Blonde is a Belgian beer brewed in the Walloon region by the L├ęgendes brewery. A regional product par excellence, this bottle-refermented blonde beer is not filtered, pasteurized or centrifuged and has a natural cloudy color when served in the glass.

This beer, with a cloudy golden body, is covered with a cap of abundant creamy foam, crossed by a remarkable effervescence. Quintine Blonde develops fruity and floral hop aromas on the nose. These aromas give way to notes that evoke yeast. On the palate, there is a sweet, malty entry that quickly gives way to the hops perceived on the nose. Fruity and floral hop flavors quickly follow and herald the arrival of a fresh bitterness in the mouth.

8.0 % Alc.


Satan Gold has a sunny golden yellow color and is recognized and loved by followers of Ale style beer for its fruity flavor and elegant palate.

This Belgian beer has an exceptional body whose main characteristic is its round and fine touch: fruity with a hint of bitterness, spicy, complex and subtle notes that refer to the most carefully chosen hops and spices.


8.0 % Alc.


The Saint Bernardus brewery offers you a beer that stands out among the famous Belgian triples. In the case of these beers, the term triple is used to describe a brewing method in which three times more malt than usual is used to obtain the same final volume.

In terms of taste, the result can be exceptional. Its golden blond color is relatively classic for this type of beer. However, the nose reveals a certain finesse. Spices and very light hints of fruit intermingle with the slightly perceptible alcohol, with a malty attack in the mouth, which is quickly balanced by the fruity ester sensation. The finesse of the bubbles and its perfect balance make this beer easy to drink and within everyone’s reach. Ideal for connoisseurs and for beginners in the world of triple Belgian beers.

9.0 % Alc.


Traditional beer of high fermentation that is refermented in the bottle. Brewed by the family brewery De Halve Maan, which has been located in the historic center of Bruges since 1856. Straffe Hendrik is an authentic Belgian triple abbey beer, which is still brewed according to the original recipe.
It is a triple golden beer with a firm crown of white foam. Spicy aromas, with notes of black pepper, coriander, ginger and orange. Intensely hopped (Saaz and Styrian Golding hops), it contains a blend of six specialty malts, giving it a powerful and balanced flavor.

8.1 % Alc.


Slaapmutske triple is a golden, top-fermented, bottle-refermented beer. For the production of this beer of 8.1% Vol. Alc has used pilsen and roasted malts. Fresh aroma and bitter taste

obtained by using two very aromatic varieties of hops. The finish is malty and flows into a nice smooth bitterness. The refermentation provides a delicate bubble that keeps the foam compact.

8.0 % Alc.


Triple d’Anvers is a Belgian top-fermented beer brewed by the De Koninck brewery. In the glass, it presents a blondish amber color, crowned by a beautiful head of white foam. Aromas of yeast and hops emerge from this cap of foam, accompanied by fruity notes of apple and lightly roasted malt. The attack on the palate is discreetly sweet, with a perfect balance between hop bitterness and fruity freshness.

9.0 % Alc.


Copper-colored, cloudy beer with very fine bubbles and a crown of white, soapy, long-lasting foam. The nose is very striking, with notes of caramel, citrus notes, tropical fruits and yeast, with nuances reminiscent of a saison. In the mouth it enters dry, bitter, with resinous notes, caramel, yeast and a citric touch, the finish is bitter and dry, very long lasting. It has a medium body and medium/high carbonation, the alcohol is well integrated but is noticeable as it warms up.

9.0 % Alc.


It is the result of a long fermentation, closely followed by the brewmaster, with a deep and smooth bitterness for the taste buds. In the beer you will recognize a hop with a natural flavor and an alcoholic aftertaste. The Val-Dieu Tripel won the bronze medal at the World Beer Awards in 2018.

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